Latest PcLab2000SE for PCSU1000 kit on a Windows 10 x64 PC


Hi, forum experts,

a good friend of mine gave me a Velleman PCSU1000 Oscilloscope kit as a present and I have been trying to install it as good as I possibly can using your manual and latest downloadable software from Velleman webpage claiming compatible to Windows 10:

Here is the scope:
Included probes:

The problem is that my Windows 10 x64 does not support this installation entirely. Refer to the picture below showing my device manager handling the Oscilloscope. It also creates some sort of USB maloperational part. Pls advise what is wrong, if you have any ideas about this.

The only difference from the original bundle of hardware is that I have used a USB cable different from included in the kit. The original cable has been misplaced and cannot be found, but is there any deviations from a standard USB cable or the included? Would really appreciate your swift and kind attention to my problem. It is possible to run the software (PcLab2000se) and the scope, but there are strange results and behavior, that I cannot explain other than it is a result of the non-successful installation.

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The PCSU1000 does not use a com port.
Does the com port go away when you unplug the unit?
If not it looks like it is coming from a different source.


Thanks for reply. This serial port is created by installation. If I uninstall entire scope and software, this device entry disappears too. Tried it several times now … I have disabled this serial port in the device manager, and the scope and software still runs. Really weird …


Kind of weird.
The PCGU1000 uses a com port.
Sounds like you installed it as well.


The driver installation package for the FTDI’s FT245B - USB FIFO IC includes both VCP ( Virtual COM Port) and D2XX driver.
The PCSU1000 is using only the D2XX driver for the chip.
D2XX drivers allow direct access to the USB device through a DLL.
The unused USB Serial Port in the Device Manager can be indeed confusing…


So, gents, it is not any problems for the operation if it stays? It may also be disabled in device manager, but remain in place, like I have done with the virtual com port now without creating any problems for the scope and software operation or the rest of the computer?

If you can confirm this I will be very happy, computers has been a great hobby for me since 1988, but now a days, I keep things as simple as possible. If there are things that is not broken or malfunctioning, I see no longer any reason for repairing it … :grin: … that is a passed stage from my youth, where I seemed to have all the time in the world …


There is no harm if you disable this ‘USB Serial Port’ driver in the Device Manager.


Thanks a lot guys, for your kind and swift reply. Excellent! Appreciated! Now back to HiFi measurement, which is far more fun…



No problem, glad to be of assistance!


Enjoy your scope!
Glad to have helped.