Lcd scherm en printhead werken niet


Lcd scherm werkt niet bij eerste opstart. Alle verbindingen lijken te kloppen, maar de printhead is ook dood. Alleen de drie eindpunten (led) branden. Wat nu? Heb ik iets fout gedaan?


I am having the exact same problem. Just finished assembling and when I turn it on for the first time, only these three leds light up. (And the green one on the motherboard). Nothing else happens…?

I haven’t tried to update the firmware I have a printer with one head. Does this matter?


Did you checked the base before assembly?
As stated in the manual?

Please disconnect everything and check again.
Also check if all the cables are correctly seated.
When pushing the knob do you hear a beep?


I got it working, eventually. Repling here so someone else can read at least a solution to my problem.

The spacers between the two pcb’s are the wrong length. One set too short, the other too long. Causing the connector not to make any connection with the display pcb.No light, not even a scrambled display was showing up. You cannot “just” use two shorter spacers because in that case the SD or reset holes in the right panel do not fit anymore.

I made some custom spacers from some wall plugs I had laying around. Now my display is finally working…


That’s unfortunate.
Can you show a picture of the wrong spacers?