Hi guys,

I was assembling my new vertex delta and suddenly the site stops working.
Not fun after a 2,5h build time, now I don’t know how to proceed.

The IT department is aware of it.
It should work now :slight_smile:

Great, I will continue my build tonight.

Hi folks, I hade exactly the same issue. I hesitated to download the manual in PDF but then I decided to open the webbased manual. At section 9, the page could not be opened any more, nor all pages in the manual section.
There goes my X-mass day of fun…:frowning:
Hope you can fix it…

Same issue here :frowning:
a few sites are not working ( -, therefore i can not build my nano printer :’(
Never mind calling Velleman, their Customer service is not helpful either…
Hoping it get fixed soon!

It’s live again!! we can continue to play!

The manualsite is down again …