MINTEMP Error Vertex k8400

I’ve been having issues with the mintemp error while trying to load filament into my printer. Before I was unable to even enter into the settings but I fixed that problem. But now whenever I try to load filament into the printer or attempt heating the extruder head I get the mintemp error. I have a vertex k8400 3D printer and I am unsure what to do to fix this problem. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know. Thank you.

If you have only one head don’t forget to load the correct firmware or it will detect the lack of temperature sensor on the second head and throw the error message.

I do only have one extruder head but I do also have the correct firmware version and I am still getting the error.

Check the thermistor for the print head.
Disconnect the wires from the green connector and check the resistance.
at room temp it should be around 200K ohms.

Okay I will, thank you for your response