Missing manual for VMP501 Raspberry Pi kit?


I purchased the Velleman’s VMP501 DIY kit Raspberry Pi today and was very disappointed to find out that neither it contained a manual, nor such was available online.

I see that there exists the manual for VMP502, but no such thing for VMP501.

Can anyone suggest how to proceed with my VMP501 without the manual? I am afraid to burn the whole thing along with my Raspberry PI. No idea how to begin.



The kits VMP500, VMP501 and VMP502 are all sets of components to be used in combination with a Raspberry-Pi.
So if the components in an VMP502 experiment are available in your VMP501 set, then you can “do” that experiment.

More general: If the components are available, you can do the experiment, even of other experiment-sets.

I assume you also downloaded the zip file with the coding examples for the VMP502 ( vmp502_code_pi.zip )

But Velleman should either point to the VMP502 manual or provide one for VMP500 and VMP501, my opinion…

Have fun,

Hi! Thank you for your comment! That was what I thought - if the components in vmp501 and vmp502 overlap, I can do experiments with vmp501 based on the manual for vmp502. Unfortunately it is not so easy. For example, the manual for vmp502 refers to resistors with resistance which is not available in the vmp501 kit. Probably they can be substituted by the ones that are available, but I am no expert and I am afraid to brick the whole thing. If I buy a kit, I expect to have a manual which refers to the kit I bought, not to some other stuff somewhere else. Why people at Vellman couldn’t find few hours to make a simple manual for each of the kits they are selling is beyond my comprehension.

I agree, but have to add that the Velleman support team does do their best to support us.

As to the resistors I would not advise to simply use another value without knowing the result.

Maybe reading http://www.resistorguide.com/ohms-law/ is a good start.
You could put two (or more) resistors in series that would add the two values.
But I have no example for that.



These tutorials are based on RPI Kit VMP501. see links below.
Maybe these guides can help You further.

Control stepper motor with buttons & rpi => https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=1153
Display temperature (DS18B20) on LCD an rpi =>https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=1152
Intruder alarm (motion sensor) & rpi => https://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=1155

Velleman support

Thank you!

It would be nice if you consider combining them into a single manual and adding few more examples.

Would save a lot of time and frustration.