MK 125 - Need it to swith on at light (inverted operation)

I need to invert the operation of the MK 125 : I want it to turn off when night comes, and to switch on at dawn. This topic has already been treated, but I did not understand the way to solve it, and that’s why I would like to have more clues about what @VEL417 said : “swap pins 12 and 13 of the op-amp for inverted operation”.

Could somebody details what it involves please, especially on the assembling procedure attached ?
Thanks !

Hi @mpae,

because the relay of the MK125 has an normal open & normal closed circuit, you can change the functionality by changing how you wire the device you want to control.

Switch on device when light is present: connect device between COM & NC
Switch on device when light is absent: connect device between COM & NO

Kind regards,