MK 175 Smiley Face Problems with the Plastic Cover Assembly

I have successfully created the Smiley Face Kit and all of the animates work when I push the button outside of the plastic cover. Here are my problems that I thought you could help me with solving:

  1. How do you correctly assemble the mini kit into the plastic case? I am having problems have the two plastic covers aligning so that the push button works properly. I have taped it as the instructions mention, no luck. It does not seem as though the length of the push button is long enough to meet the push button to work properly.

  2. When I do get the two plastic covers attached, the light patterns are not the same and sometimes the left large red led will go out. Some of the lights will flicker, the animation patterns do not stay the same. I did cut down the extra length of the red and black power lines, but the lights work correctly when it is not in the case.

On a different note, I have an idea about some other circuit kits that I do not think are available (I have searched for what I am thinking about and have not found them), who could I talk to about my ideas?

Thank You and I look forward to hearing back from you so I can get my Smiley Faces Smiling. Tyke

Hi Tyke,

Could you post some pictures of the MK175 PCB and maybe the case?

As for the ideas i’ll send you an email

Best Regards,


I am not sure if the email has been sent as I have been checking my email. Can you please re-send? Thank you! Tyke

I’ve send the e-mail to ervin2 at q dot com the 6th of april

I had the same issue, but I fixed it by screwing a tiny screw (that I had laying around) in the back of the plastic button cover, to make it a little taller.
Now it fits perfectly.