MK110 Lamp is constantly on

I can not figure out where I went wrong or if there is another issue. The lamp turns on and stays on, regardless of the input.

I have looked at the other posts about the mk110 kit they seem have different problems. If I installed the diode backwards, would that cause the lamp to stay on?

you placed an resistor where the diode should go :slight_smile:

Is the pc board marked wrong?

Sorry, my bad your component is placed right,
Somehow the PCB symbols are wrong. We will check with the supplier.
You installed the diode correctly for what I can see.

please check this soldering. The rest looks OK

I re-soldered the one spot and even assembled a second kit, I purchased four. The second board is behaving in the same manor. The lamp comes on and stays on no matter the input.

What is the voltage of the input signal?

What type of light bulb are you using.
Is it an incandescent or LED?
Not sure but I don’t think LED bulbs will work with this kit.
Maybe VEL337 could shed some light on this.

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It is a led flood light! I will see if I can scrounge up an incandescent lamp to try it out on. I might have to make a trip to the hardware store for a new incandescent flood lamp. There still maybe hope for my Halloween lightning effect after all!

I honestly think this maybe the problem.
I hope it all works out for you.