MK110 Light Organ - No Response

Hey there,

Please see pics of the rig and different components at this link:

I’ve worked with this light organ before, but this is my first time soldering one together myself. It looks correct to me, but I’ve linked to pics (above) to double check. Also to double check: my audio input is attached to LS, my power is attached to MAINS, and my light is attached to LOAD.

Right now I’m not getting any response from the rig - my outlet has power, checked that. My audio input is on and playing, checked that. But I’m getting zero response from the light no matter how I twist the sensitivity dial or change input volume. So I’m hoping someone will be able to help me identify the problem - are my lights incompatible with this board? Is it the wrong power supply? Did I solder something wrong? Is the board DOA? Specs on what I’m using below:

Audio input: exchanging between a 12v amp & mp3 player (which I’ve used w/ this light organ before), and a zoom H5 recorder which I’m hoping to ultimately use so that the light flickers in response to real-time audio levels.

Power: 100-240V AC, 12v DC - this is the power supply that came with the lights I’m using

Lights: 24 watt LED light strip on a dimmer

THANK YOU in advance for your help - I’m on a time crunch and low on resources to figure this out solo.

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I do not have this kit but i think the problem is that you put a 12v DC led light on a kit for 110-230v AC light. Try it out. :slight_smile: