MK111 relay doesn't switch

I have a problem with my interval timer kit. If I connect it to 12V the LED lights up but the relay won’t switch. Any idea what might be the problem? I attached an image of my assembly below.


Here you can also find an image of the back


Is the LED turning on them off?
The soldering needs some help try heating the connection until the solder flows.
Also from what I could see it looks like you may have a broken trace going from pin 3 to the relay you may need to check for continuity.

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Thank you for your answer. The LED stays on, it doesn’t turn off. Does that change anything? I’m not that experienced with soldering so it might be possible that I broke a trace. Any idea how that could be fixed?

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Since the LED is not turning off and on it means the timer is not running.

If you are new to soldering go to youtube and search soldering tutorial
Lot of great information on there.

Do you also have a solution on how to fix it? Never heard of youtube before, I should really start checking that out.

You should go to and find out how to solder.
Then check for continuity to make sure it’s broken.
Carefully scrape the green coating off of the trace then bridge it with solder

You should also check this connection