Mk125 .i need it light sensing not dark

Mk 125 light sensitive switch
Is there anyway of reversing the function and also removing the delay in this kit … I just want it to turn on when it gets lighter not when it gets darker … I know the hysteresis stuff about the relay chatter (on off on off ) I just need it to activate the relay as light increases above threshold and with out a delay . thanks

Not so very easy to explain but if you use the NC output, connection will be made when there is enough light. This is the easiest way of changing the way it reacts.
If you use a much lower value for C3 (experiment) then it will react much faster.

Or you could remove C3 for no delay and swap pins 12 and 13 of the op-amp for inverted operation.

Thanks for your help all sorted now

I have the same problem (invert operation), and I just don’t understand what you mean by “swap pins 12 and 13 of the op-amp”. Could you detail a bit please ? (I am completely new in that) Thanks. Regards. Martin

Anyone ? Any clue ? Martin