MK133 doesn't work


My quiztable MK133 doesn’t work for any of the leds. I believe I followed the instructions quite neatly, so I am not sure where I made an error. If someone could take a look that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

That’s the wrong link

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Thanks for noticing that!

If you will post the pictures I would like to see it.

I believe I have changed the link, so now the pictures are available


The first thing you need to check are the transistors.
T1 - T6 should be BC557
T7 - T10 should be BC547

I also found some solder pads that look like they could be broken.
I marked them with red arrows.

Hope this helps

Thanks for looking at the pictures. The transistors are all in the right places, but you’re right about the solder pads. They have lifted off a bit, but the connection has not been broken. Do you happen to know what’s the best way to try to fix this? Or is this not possible?


You can try to carefully scrape the green coating off of the trace.
Then run solder from the trace to the pad.
What is the kit doing and not doing?

Okay thanks, I will try that. Unfortunately nothing is working right now

I looked at the picture a little harder.
I think I have located a break marked in yellow.
Let me know.

It worked! I did exactly as you said with the trace near the three arrows and it works completely without problems right now. Thanks for taking the time to take a look

That’s great.
Glad that I could help.