MK150: Where can I purchase a new SW1 switch component?


Hello guys,
Today, my son and I tried our first electronics project and tried to assemble the MK150 shaking dice kit. This went prettty well, except for the switch. We had soldered it on the PCB, but it need to come of again and the pins needed to be bent back 180 degrees. We managed to get it from the PCB, but the SW1 switch broke and the golden ball fell on the ground. Does somebody know where we can purchase a new switch component (maybe a name of the component)?

Thanks for your advice,



The name of the switch is: “Roller ball switch”. product code: MERS5
product info: Roller ball switch - MERS5

You can order this switch at Your local shop where You bought this kit.
Or here You can find local distributors (shops) in your neighborhood:

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