MK157 LCD Message Board

I have just built two LCD Message Board Kits, both work okay except both have the same fault.The units when powered show the running Velleman message, pressing ‘Enter’ shows ‘Edit Message’ i can then edit the message but after editing the message and finishing the process by pressing the ‘Enter and Down button’ together to exit ‘Exit Message’ nothing happens, the ‘Edit Message’ stays on the board and the Vellaman message is still there! Being a Professional Engineer who spent some of his apprenticeship repairing PC Boards, i know the assembly of the boards is correct and to make sure i have checked every joint and component for correct value etc, etc. What i am wondering is whether the PIC Chip has had it’s code locked or is there a fault with the kit! I would be grateful for any advice to solve this problem so i can change the message to say ‘Happy Christmas’ which is what i intended to do.


Sorry I missed your topic, i was on a holiday :slight_smile:
I don’t suspect it’s a faulty chip because everything else works.
Can you make a video of you editing the message?
Thanks alot!
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HI VEL 337, sorry for the delay in returning your topic but like you i have been away but working. I have tried to attach to this post a very short video of the problem with the message boards but it appears your site does not accept standard MP4 video format. As previously stated both boards have the same problem in that after editing and pressing the down button and entry button nothing happens! Is there away i can upload the MP4 video i.e by e-mail or some other way as i would like to solve this problem with the two boards. Regards. Keith Lewis.

You can always try to upload the video on Youtube or Vimeo or whatever video uploading website :slight_smile:

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Hi VEL337, here is a you tube link to the video you have asked for which shows the problem with the two MK157 LCD Message Boards. I hope this will now get the problem solved. Regards. Keith Lewis. (

Hi VEL 337, I have just noticed that the link should probably have been listed without the brackets. Regards. Keith Lewis

Hi VEL337, i sent the video you asked for well over a week ago and have not seen a reply. Please could you let me know if it has helped with sorting out the problem with the two Message Boards i have. Regards.Keith Lewis.

Hi VEL 337, I still have not had a reply regarding the problem with the two Message Boards. They have now been sitting on the back of my workbench since the end of December, which seams a long time to solve this problem! I would be grateful if you could let me know a solution, so i can put this project to bed. Regards. Keith Lewis.

Hi VEL 337,Any chance of a reply ? Or is this the extent of Velleman’s customer support, if it is it is very poor and will certainly mean no further purchases of your products. Keith Lewis.