MK161 Remote Receiver - remote controls



I have just set up a MK161 to control a set of motorised speakers in my media room. All appears to be working fine ‘on test’ using the program push button on the board.

A few queries though -

I did not realise when I bought the MK161 that it only works with the Velleman remotes? Is this correct?

I ideally want to control the MK161 via my universal remote that controls the rest of the AV equipment - as opposed to using a separate Velleman remote.
I have read a couple of threads relating to this, but can’t find a conclusive answer or solution?
Would anyone be able to advise if this is possible?
Would it mean potentially buying a Vellemen remote and allowing my Universal remote to learn directly off the Vellemen Remote?

Also, the speaker control requires a closed contact on the relay, as opposed to a pulse. So the first remote press closes the relay contact - a subsequent remote press opens the really contact. Does the MK161 operate in this fashion?

Thanks for any help,