MK194N Is not working

This just started working but I am posting this in case to keep track of what was happening. So no need to reply I just want to have a running record.

This worked perfectly after we finished soldering it. Probably worked about 30 minutes. The led still comes on but there is no sound unless I put my ear on top of the speaker.

If I switch it on holding the tuner it makes a single beep, if I switch it on holding the volume up button it beeps twice, and it beeps 3 times if I hold in the volume down button. Not sure if this is some sort of setting or diagnostic. Doing the same with the presets 1 - 4 doesn’t do anything.

As it turns out it works sporadically. I haven’t been able to discover a reboot combination that makes it work but sometimes it does just work. It isn’t leaving it off for a certain period of time or leaving it on and waiting.

Any help would be appreciate!