MK198 Led Buddy - Short Circuit


I have a question on the MK198 Led Buddy.
Can the tester be damaged if the testpads are accidentally shorted?

When looking into the schematic there are two paths, “LED H” and “LED L”, going to a controller (5v).
While “LED H” seems to be overvoltage protected through an voltage divider (4.5v max),
“LED L” seems to only rely on the voltage drop of the LED.
So when the test pad is shorted, this would mean that it is possible that “LED L” can be as high as 9v and thus damage the controller?
I mean this could happen very easily if the LED leads are incorrectly positioned or while trying to test small smd leds, especially as the gap between the pads is very small.

What will happen if the LED testpads are shorted?
Can someone please explain this part of the circuit to me, I am curious to understand this circuit.

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R6 and R7 will make 1/2 voltage divider so there will be max 4,5V on pin LED L

Thank you for your answer.
I understand that this would be the case if J1 is not shorted (not connected).

Is this also the case when J1 is shortet? Connected without an resistance. E.g. by a screwdriver or an LED-lead positioned in such a way that one lead connects both pads.
Shouldn’t then the voltage divider be ignored and the current flow be as I have drawn?

Sorry if my question sounds stupid. I’m a beginner in electronics and eager to learn.