MK198 LED Buddy -- So disappointed


Yes, disappointed…

I just received it, thought there would be at least a schematic and a user manual (who are not available as downloads), but … no ! Just nothing except assembly instructions.

Furthermore, I suspect the kit will not be able to generate the promised 30 V to test the forward voltage of higher voltage LED’s, because I don’t see any component that could be involved into a step-up converter…

I guess I will have to assemble it to find it out… or to be disappointed again !

Could you at least publish the schematics on the website, as for the other kits ?


Assembled and tested.
It works, of course, but as suspected this tool cannot test LED’s up to 30 V as announced.

The 30V that are refered to is the voltage you can select to calculate the needed series resistor…

Obviously, there is a bit of mis-communication on this one !

At least, if the schematics was published on the website, I would not have lost my money and my time with this.


I can see that the display has a backlight. How can this be turned on ?