MM209 Audio Amplifier module


My purchase amplifies from a small transistor radio receiver circuit, but not well enough into a small loudspeaker.
The data states a default gain of 18 dB - and an instruction “cut” to, presumably, increase the gain.
There are 2 positions, to connect Resistors up to 200 k Ohms, and an instruction to “cut” the circuit.
Could someone please explain where to “cut”, and recommend typical resistors, please?


You don’t increase the gain by adding the resistor. You’ll lower it.


Thankyou - then 18 dB (which I thought was quite high anyway) is the best one can expect from this module? Thankyou.


Yes exactly!
So if you want the lower the gain. you’ll need to add a resistor or potentiometer if you want to make it adjustable.
Cut between the pads as shown in the picture and mount the resistor or the potentiometer

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Thankyou very much - for the present I will try my circuit(s) with the 18 dB gain.