Motherboard Parts List


I was wondering if there is a complete parts list for this schematic:

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After about 4 months without any answer I’m happy to answer my own question for future reference and making it easy when searched for BOM list mainboard.
Here’s a pdf which has a full BOM list of the velleman custom boards. => Dropbox link

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Thanks. That can come in handy :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeafke

I have a few “issues” with the Velleman K8400 motherboard. Everything is working fine as it should do, but i find it strange that they didnt take future upgrades in mind when they did design it(except heated bed which is nice). There is a few pins left over and they could have spared us a port. There is 3(!) wasted HW UART’s that they choose to use a digital IO for when they just as well could have used any other pin. Same with the unused TWI pins which are unused and pulled to ground as far as i can see.

Thank you very much for the information you’ve put here!
Today I repaired this board: DZ3 had become bad and the bed was not heating any longer. I found this fault without schematic, but decided afterwards to look for it for future repairs.