Motor doesn't work

Help, please.
One of tree motor, which move printhead is dead. It doesn’t move at all. There is no noise. It’s just stopped. Can I do something?

Check if the cable is correctly seated in the connector :slight_smile:
Also check the voltage on the mainboard

There are other test points

Sorry for late reply. I was away. I checked points you showed on the picture. The voltage is 0,76. It doesn’t help. I exchange the motor guessing, the motor is broken, but it didn’t help.

I have no more ideas what is broken. Is it possible to exchange motherboard? I think at this moment it is the only one solution.


Yes this seems like a faulty motherboard…
Please go to Fill in a ticket and mention you’re coming from the forum.
I will notify internally it’s OK to swap :slight_smile:
Please use the same email address :slight_smile:

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