My 3D printer doesn't read the .stl files

I’ve just bought this 3D printer so I’m still a noob. I downloaded some files from internet (.stl) and put them in my SD card but when I connect it to the printer they don’t appear in the display. Is this normal? The printer reads .gcode files, so, there is any program to generate .gcode files from .stl?

Hello Albert,
At first you need the Repetier-Host-Software to generate the .gcode files from .stl-files. Please read here

There is a link for download a suitable Repetier version for the Nano printer.


When you create the Gcode files and put the card in the printer if they do not show up you will need to go through the menu until you see init SD card.
This will just force the printer to read the SD card it will not make any changes to the card or files.

The Nano Vertex version of Repetier Host (1.6.2) is Windows only so if you run OSX or Linux you’re out of luck. You can however run any other slicer (I use Cura) and create a Nano Vertex specific profile.

EDIT: I just succeeded in running Repetier Host (Nano Vertex version) on a Mac with PlayOnMac just by installing an unlisted program. I guess this will work on PlayOnLinux too.