Need to repair overdrice pedal K8111


Hi everyone, I´m new to the forum but I was wondering if I could get some kind of help. While assembling the overdrive pedal k8111 I must have messed up some of the components and probably part of the board. I am very exciting with this product so I´m thinking of repairing it, but I need the schematics of the circuit, a list of the components would also be useful. Can anyone provide me the schematics? Thank you everyone!


You can find the schematic here:

and the partslist can be found here:


Thank you for the quick answer!!! Just what i needed


Dear Suppor Team ;
I’ve built the K8111.
The Bypass works fine , when pressing the Pedal sw - no sound at all.

i’ve reviewed the electric diagram vs. the actual board - found that the electric diagram indicates a short between legs 3 & 6 on the Pedal SW - which is not part of the built instructions.

I’ve made the short - and now sound passes once the Pedal sw is pressed for Effects, but only the Level knob works , no effects.

will appreciate a support.