New PLA filament from waste prints


Making own filament is possible I know.

Is there a company that takes my waste PLA and returns recycled filament (mixed with virgin PLA if necessary)? Does some one know such a company? It does not need to be cheaper the new material.
I just don’t want to produce plastic waste.


I have not heard of such a company. However, PLA is made from vegetable products, and is 100% biodegradable. It can safely be sent to the landfill.

ABS is a different story…


Yes PLA is biodegradable, but it requires industrial composting with temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius. So PLA is nothing I want to throw into my own garden or in a compost bin. I think making filament out of printer waste is a good business idea. This would also help to give such a company a greener image.


Here in Belgium we have a company who recycles plastics from festivals into 3D printing filament

I guess you’ll find more companies here.