New purchase issues

So I just got the Vertex delta last week and have not been able to get it to work. I have contacted support for a bit, but I think its best to hear from others who have the same printer perhaps to see what is going on.

First, I know how 3d-printers work for the most part, I have trimmed the printbed and shaved of a little bit of the plastic bits for the piezo sensor to work properly (after contacting support). However the printer sometimes make a drilling noise into the plastic bed and I dont know what to make of it. I tried turning it off and on, did the same thing. than it was fine.

I am doing height calibration, followed by auto home and after that I do bed levelling and auto calibrate. After doing 2-3 test runs of this it seemed to be working, and that brings me to the second problem. The filament (silver pla I think that came with the printer) does not stick to the printbed, and today the nozzle also dragged along the little thing it made to test the filament. I had my heat on 200 degress which i assume is the standard. I have read its supposed to be 185-205 for pla. but correct me if I am wrong.

Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong?

Check the following.
The cups on the end of the rods for the magnetic balls make sure they are tight.
Mine came loose a couple of times so I wrapped Teflon (plumbers tape) around the threads
Since then I have not had a problem with them.
The Piezos may need adjustment it sounds like they may not be sensitive enough causing the print head to to hit the bed to hard see this link.
When you went through the calibration did you save the settings?
Check this link.
The cable going to the print head does it have the proper twist?

Hope this helps you.

I am going through the steps again at the moment. following along the guides to be sure I did it correctly. One thing that concerns me is that the filament cable is resting on one of the arms, is this normal? (I mean this when it is up and near the docks) As far as I can tell the twist is there.

Edit: weird auto-rotation, you can click on it to see the rotated image. forum seems to be diong smt weird.

The twist is correct.
However the connector should be at the back of the unit.

As you are looking down on the machine turn the print head to the right one more position.
The cable touching the rods will not hurt anything.

Ok I have rotated the print head as you told me, I did not see that on the installation guide though. It looks a lot cleaner because of this. Shall I go ahead and calibrate again or is there anything more you would check first?

I would try to calibrate it.
I think that may have been the problem.

I calibrated it and did a bit of lubing and cleaning. whats up next? do I need to set the temperatures or anything like that? Or should I try one of the test prints?

Sorry for the late reply.
If it did okay with the calibration try printing.