New Vertex Nano 3D printer, lots of issues

Hello hello, I recently purchased a vertex nano 3D printer. The printer is working but makes a lot of unnecessary noise. Especially the fan on the printhead. In addition, I noticed that the selection button only works occasionally, which means that you have to scroll several times without movement before you can make a selection. Can this be solved?

Extra update: As I was printing both nuts on the Y-axis got loose, seems weird to me since it was an assembled version. Result is a burned out hole in my printer sticker and no idea how to get the nuts back in place. To add to that the motor used for the Y-axis is loosely mounted as well and makes noise every time it turns. As I mentioned before. This was a pre-assembled printer. Is there any possibility I can send this back for a warranty check? Thanks.


Dear Sir,

You can normally send it back via the shop where you bought the printer.
Or you can create a ticket at us customer care platform.

Velleman Support

Could you update the information about whether the printer was replaced or repaired?

Well, I actually bought it at Facts convention at the Velleman booth. I got a coupon but there’s no customer number on there. So I couldn’t register for a ticket yet. Which means I don’t have any new info. I do know the person at the Velleman booth who sold it to me. I’ll contact her tomorrow. If there are any fresh suggestions. I’m all ears. I didn’t use the printer since I posted the message.

Kind regards,