No communication from Scratch2 to the Allbot



  1. We’ve assembled our Allbot VR408 (making use of an Arduino One)
  2. We’ve successfully uploaded VR408Scratch.ino
  3. We’ve put the switch from “Program” mode to “Receive” mode. (It would be good to explicitely mention that somewhere in the step by step guide)
    (Btw, what a pity you can’t reach that switch anymore once the battery shield is mounted.)
  4. We connect our allbot with the computer via an USB-cable and hear the 3 chirps
  5. We switch on the VRSSM battery shield and the allbot tries to stand up. I say ‘tries’ because it seems it isn’t able to push up its own weight. We lay it on its back.
  6. We start up “ALLBOT Communicator” and hear three chirps again
  7. We press “Verbind” (=“Connect”) and hear three chirps again
  8. We start up “Scratch 2 Offline Editor”. The connection seems to be OK. Green light:
  9. We Shift+Click File > Import Experimental HTTP extension and select ‘extension_descr.s2e’
  10. Now in Scratch2, we make the simple ‘program’: When green flag clicked -> “Zet 1 stap(pen) naar voor” (=“move 1 step(s) forward”)
  11. When we press the green flag in Scratch 2 nothing happens

Any ideas what’s going wrong?
Can we type something in the Arduino IDE to have the allbot make a move?
Thanks in advance.

PS. In the manuals they’re talking about centering the servo’s. We didn’t do that. Is this necessary?


The switch should stay on the “Program”.
“Receive” mode connects the data line to the IR sensor.

And it’s good to center the servo’s, otherwise the feet will bump to each other.

Best Regards,


Thanks for your answer. Appreciated.

Unfortunately, I experience that

  1. one of the 8 servo’s is not working
  2. the robot doesn’t seem to be able to push up it’s own weight (yes, I bought GP rechargable batteries)

So, I’ll return my allbot to the webstore I bought it.