No fillament going trough the nozzle

I cant print anymore. I bought high quality fillament but te fillament does not get to the nozzle. i already bought a new nozzle. (does not work) the fillament feeder keeps making a sound and the fillament just kicks back.

Your nozzle is stuck, reassemble the tube, pick 40 cm of fillement, set nozzle temp to 240 degrees en push the fillemt manual by hand directly from the heatsink.

Are you using PLA, or ABS? Nozzle clogs can happen more frequently when changing between different filament materials. as the residue can get “cooked” onto the inside of the extruder. Clogs can also occur when changing between different brands of the “same” material, as each may have its own optimal temperature.

If running more filament through the extruder doesn’t clear the clog, you may need to disassemble and clean it. However, be very careful not to deform or damage the soft metal of the nozzle.