No Hardware Response EDU09


I assembled the O-Scope EDU09 kit. After downloading software and connecting USB I get red LED to light. Ive plugged and unplugged USB a few times nothing. However I get the message " No Hardware Response. What should I check for this that maybe the problem?

Thank you


Please check the IC3 is in right position.
Then check the voltage on pin 1 of IC3. Should be 3.3V.
Check all soldering joints.
Check that all the part codes correspond to the parts list.
Especially check the capacitors C5 and C6 (next to the crystal) are both 27pF.


I found two things that kept it from working. One the USB plug going into the O-Scope needed to really push in hard for it to seat. The other was the negative lead was opened at gator clip even though wire was showing it was broke inside installation… So I could not calibrate it and only read random RMS and not 1.5 VDC from battery. Even though the bare wire was exposed and crimped it was pulled out and broken inside the installation. Now oscope is working.


Thank you for the reply.
Nice that it’s working now!