Not printing filament anymore


After some troubles i made my delta finaly print a thing. After that i tried again. But there is nothing comming out of the nozzle anymore.

Did a unload an load fillament but this didn’t help. There is also no fillament comming out while this proces is going on.

Took the tube out and tried to go inside the nozzle with a needle to. There was a little bit of white thing commin out (was printing with black pla).

Also after this there was no pla comming out.

Any suggestions?

Thanks already!


Is the temp dropping on the hot end?


Now at work but will check it this evening. Don’t think tempeture drops. Will make a movie an put it here this evening.


This is a video of what happens…



Is the extruder motor turning?
Have you tried to disconnect the tube to the print head heat it up to 200C and manually push the filament through?


The extruder motor is turning i think. I can see the wheel moving a few times to feed the printhead. The wheel is not turning all the time. Tried to push the filament manually but its not possible…


Take a marker and draw a line on the shaft and pulley
Then start your print.
Watch the extruder and make sure the pulley is not slipping on the shaft.
When you put the tubing in the hot end did you push it all the way down?


Do you mean the two wheels on the extruderhead with shaft and pully?
I tried to push it all the way down but it seems to be impossible…


btw when i load the filament i can see those wheels moving to load the filament…


tried to hold a flashlight under the nozzle to see if i can see true it. This is imossible. So i think my nozzle is constipated. Any suggestions on how to clean it?


Someone any idea?

Thanks already!!!


Unscrewd the screw on top of the printerhead and pushed a needle from the nozzle to above. There was a piece of pla stuck in the printerhead… Hope this problem is solved by now and i can now start enjoying my printer finally.

Any tips on how to avoid pla getting stuck in the printerhead?


I have not had problems with filament jamming in the feed tube or the print head. However, I have noticed that some brands of filament work better than others. Humidity (either too high or too low) can affect the filament’s flexibility. If your filament gets too dry, it can become brittle and more prone to breakage and jamming of the tube.

If you bend the filament in your fingers, it should bend. If it snaps like uncooked spaghetti then you may wish to try a fresh spool.

It is also possible that you have some burnt material partially clogging your extruder. If you raise the printhead, heat it, and extrude some material, it should come out easily and with a nice round bead. If the thread appears thin, or if it curls to one side, you may need to clean the nozzle.


How to heat manually. Cant find it in the menu it seems…


Settings --> Temperature --> Nozzle


Thanks again Wrong_way!!!


No problem at all.
Hope you get it running soon!


did some print and they went fine. Have to do some research for getting it smoother but at least its printig :slight_smile: