Not printing straight lines


I noticed that my printer isn’t printing perfectly straight. For example, if i’m printing a cube, one or more edges aren’t straight. The nozzle scrathes the surface on every layer while travelling. I tightened the belts and I lubricate the printer before every print. Does someone know how to fix this problem?


The rubbing on the print might be due to the z offset being too low, the printhead extrudes too much plastic for the nozzle height on the first layer and it gets pushed around the nozzle creating ridges that will interfere with the movement when printing the next layer. This usually sorts itself after about 3 layers. About the lines not being straight, can you estimate by how much? does the effect depends on the line of the line, is it perhaps plastic shrinking not evenly? There are many factors that might not necessarily be mechanical.


Can you post some pictures?