Number of samples on recorder with SU200


Using SU 200 as recorder I would like to choose the number of samples by unit of time.
I’s presetted to 100 on the basic.
I saw that you could use this way on the scope.
Is a way to reduce from 100 to another number from 1 to 100.



Yes, this is possible.
In the menu select View -> Sample Rate
Then use Time/Div buttons to select proper sample rate.
E.g. select 100s to get sample rate 1 Sample/s.


thanks for the reply, I want to change the ratio sample/time for example if I select in the normal way sample rate 2s I get one measure every 0.02s, I need to reduce for example at 50 samples in the same time that mean one sample every 0.04s, it to reduce a too noisy curve.



I’m sorry, this sample rate is not available.
The sample rates are fixed and related to the selected Time/Div range.
Time/Div 2s -> sample every 0.02s
Time/Div 5s -> sample every 0.05s