PCGU1000 FPGA VCCAUX Short to Gnd

Hi, I’m new in here and was wondering if someone might be willing and able to assist me with a hardware issue.

The story goes like this: I bought a PCGU1000 that the seller said had been purchased new but was failing to power up. Having read a lot about these function generators, I imagined that it was probably just something simple like user installation error. However, it turned out to be a worst case scenario. I found the VCCAUX 2V5 rail to be absent. So I removed all the components on that rail until I got to the FPGA, and then realised that it would have to be removed too. Having done that, I discovered that the VCCAUX was indeed short to Gnd in the chip.

So… I have the schematics, I have the tools, I’ve found somewhere in china that still sells the XC3S50 TQG144 FPGA, but I am concerned that there may be more to this than meets the novice eye, and that I would be throwing good money after bad by installing the new chip.

Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated.