PcLab2000SE record limit


Hi! I have a pcs10 datalogger. I need to log at maximum resolution (100hz) for long times. But using the autosave function l’ve noticed that after 10 minutes the re ording stop itself. There is a way to allow the software to record up to indefinite time? Thanks!


The problem may be related to the power saving mode settings of the PC.
You may try to avoid the USB power saving mode.
Here are some links to check what you may try:


The software itself hasn’t a record limit? As has stopped after exactly 10min00sec…


No, there is no limit in the software.

The latest PCLAB2000SE software package Version 4.07 is available here:


Uh i was using the 4.05 listed on the support page for the pcs10, i’ll try the new version. Thanks!