PCS500+K8016 wich OS?


since very long time I’m an happy user of a pair of PCS500 & K8016. They were driven by an old PC with Win XP and a Pentium3 CPU.
The old PC broken down and I purchased a Dell Optiplex 745 with a native parallel port, and Core2 Duo CPU.
Now the question: which operative system should I install to operate my instrument smoothly?
I would skip any version of Vista.
I tried W7-64bit but then I understood that it was a bad choice due to the 64bit bits. In facts won’t work!
So, I can choose a W7.32 or the former WinXp.
Xp is very outdated today and I would prefer W7.32 if that would works for sure.
Any suggestion?
Many thanks for the help!


Why do you think win 7 64 bit shouldn’t work?
It runs all 32 bit applications just as well as the native 32 bit does.

Issues with W7-64 are discussed here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7595

futhermore I’ve tried by myself. and when I start PC-lab2000 I get the error message: “driverLINX” is missing.
And I could not find a workaround so far.


Ok, so it is a driver issue.

I know XP 32 bit will work
I never tried Win7
If you have Win7 32bit you should try it