Please help me identify something

There is an unmarked small plastic bottle containing a clear liquid included with my printer. My guess is that it is either PTFE lubricant for the magnets or fine machine oil for the rods but there is nothing to say what it is and the “What’s in the Box” page doesn’t mention it at all. Which is it?

This is lubricant or fine machine oil for the rods :slight_smile:

Thank you for that information. I will have to buy some PTFE lubricant for the next stage of assembly.

Maybe it would be a good idea to add a note in the “What’s in the Box” page?

I still haven’t worked out what the yellow and black plastic thing with “Toolland” on it is. The ends turn but don’t unscrew, I’ve given them a firm tug but they don’t come off, and there is nothing in the instructions telling me to use it for anything. For now I am just ignoring it. Is it important?

It’s just a free screwdriver :slight_smile: