Position shift on Y- and X-axis while printing


I’m completely new at 3D printing, so I hope my issue is an easy one to solve:
I completed the K8600-kit, and tried the test-object “Spoolholder” available on Velleman’s site.

When starting the 2nd contour, I saw a shift in Y-axis (few millimeters to the backside).
At the 5th contour there was a shift to the right (X-axis, almost a centimeter).
Some contours later, this happened again.

I aborted the print.

Does anyone have a clue why this happens?



I think there’s a problem with Z-Axis homing distance (z -height).
exact Z-Axis height when homed is 0.15mm (use feeler gauge thickness 0.15mm to do this).

. this is better the a piece of paper.

=> Also repeat the calibtrating Z-Axis procedure by following these newer instructions! Easier.

Or the bed isn’t level enough.

Here’s a link that You can follow, which can help You to solve your problem:


Also other issues are explained how to solve printing throubles.


Velleman Support.


nice post in this forum



Is the Printbed free and easy to move?
It must be easy to move with one Finger