Post your print


Part One of a certain facemask just finished printing at 200 microns:

And after a bit of post production:

Sure beats carving it out of rigid foam like I used to!


Wow, very nice work and printing, realy amazing.
@Tops, did U try to create and print the blades for ur quadCopter ?
Helicopter blades are a real chalenge to design and print, and then, I tried to design the Walkera V100D01 rear rotor blade but I didn’t succeed, lack of patience or experience ? ! ? :frowning:
Did someone could print such smal and difficult thing ?


Here is a time laps in 4K :wink:


Peut-être pas le meilleur design mais son utilité sera appréciée chaque jour.

Coût : moins de 2€


Bought my printer in January but had some problems but finally fixed it and started printing things.

Printed at 0.1mm.

Printed at 0.1mm.

Also printed at 0.1mm.

This was my test piece for 0.05mm and it worked pretty nicely.

A quick Creeper at 0.2mm, could have turned out better but I am happy with it.

Most of the time I have been printing have gone to printing a large staff at 0.2mm.


Not my own design

White PLA (Velleman), layer 0.1 mm, sanded, 2 layers of enamel paint, 2 layers of acrylic varnish.

Now it’s time for Robotica (


Printed Thorn:

I have absolutely no idea how some of you got such large prints without any warping. I’m getting really desperate now:

The one on the left was done with a candle in the bottom of the printer keeping the bed warm. I also tried this:

Here are some other prints I’ve printed though:

Plagued with various issues every step of the way, but now I’m starting to get some alright results. I am adamant you need a heated bed, unless you’re willing to print everything on 10mm stilts.


hier ist my latest print The Flintstone’s Car, you can find it on 3d arena


[quote=“raby”]My wife wanted red easter bunnies (if you’re wondering why red it’s to match the ones in Koksijde on the Belgian coast).
I’ve printed 3 Stanford bunnies with 3 different scales (0.5 - 1 -2x). The biggest one uses almost the whole printing area (18 cm wide and 17 cm high).
The quality is perfect whatever the scale (the smallest is printed in 0.1 mm and the others in 0.2 mm). The reproducibility is perfect. Not the slightest flaw on the bodies. There’s a small irregularity under the ears (due to a slight overhang).


Hi Raby, could you provide a download link for those prints? They look amazing!


If I remember well, I used this one :

I printed them with 0 infill in red PLA.


[quote=“raby”]If I remember well, I used this one :

I printed them with 0 infill in red PLA.[/quote]

Thanks, will be trying them soon!