Print don't stick to the tack plate


Hi. Proabely had another topic, but still got problems with the print not stikking to the build tack.
The print (PLA) loosens from the build tack, espessially in the right front corner. My printer have been unused for some time.
I have calibrated the Z-axis to a gap from the nozzle of 0,35 mm.
I tried to heat the bed a little with a heat gun. No sticking.
The nozzle temperature is now 210 deg. Else the parametere are standard.
Any tips what to do to help out this problem?
Same problem if it’s small or big.


Try cleaning it with isopropylalcohol
or with a little bit acetone but be careful with it or you’ll destroy your buildtak


The distance between bed and nozzle has to be 0,2 mm (about 2 sheets of 80 gr. printpaper).
Set the first layer height on 125 % of normal layer height.

Good luck