Printer just assembled, Z-axis stuck?

Well, I haven’t printed anything yet. I just assembled my printer and connected it to the repetier software. Because I want to test the movements first.I tried the autohome command and also during this the printer makes a lot of noise.

When i try to manually control the printer the Z-axis seems stuck. The motor turns but it does not have enough power to turn the rod, so it seems. When I was assembling this part it was already quite a job to screw the rod into place. It’s almost like the yellow part is too tight around the rod.

Is there a way to fix this?

Okay, well the Z- axis is working now. I put some extra oil on the rod. Did that before already but maybe not enough. And now it’s more spreaded it exacly goes kind of smooth up and down. The z- enstop works and the bed stops at max.

But I keep having a problem with the “Autohome” command. It seems the printer reaches both endstops but keeps going on after this point with a lot of noise, until you hit the reset button. Already checked the endstop connections and yes both cables are in the right endstop. Anyone any idea what i can do to fix this?

Thank you

If the printer keeps moving after it reaches an endstop, then the endstop isn’t working. You may have a damaged endstop switch or faulty wiring.

You can isolate the problem by telling the priinter to “home” a single axis at a time, to determine which endstop is not registering. Then test the switch and wiring with an ohmmeter to determine where the fault lies.

Good luck!