Printer stops printing after couple layers

has anyone had this problem? printer starts out just fine but after couple layers its just stops where ever it is, extruder and hotbed stays heated at right temp, but axis motors just stops. and when you kill job and go to manual control motors doesn’t respond at all, only fan and temp works, after i restart repetier and printer it works for couple layers and does same thing again.

Hi babu,

most likely some kind of communication error, but those can happen due to multiple reasons.

  • In some cases, it’s just one acknowledgement message that got lost, causing a deadlock. Click the “OK” button in Repetier Hosts Manual Control tab, this resolves the lock. You can try a different USB cable.
  • Power supply issues can also be responsible for comm errors. Checking the voltage on the screw terminal for stability can give you some information (should be 15 V without too much fluctuation), but if the error is intermittent, it may be hard to track down.

Do you need to press the Reset button on the board? Or just restart Repetier Host?


i have to restart printer and repetier.

Try moving the power supply as far away from the control board as possible

i have same problem before. cause of that prob. is the PSU try this solution

i have same problem before. cause of that prob. is the PSU try this solution

There are many possible causes as indicated but another common cause is other equipment on the same mains power ring switching on an off e.g. fridges, clothes driers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, exercise equipment etc., i.e. any largish electric motor powered device. Also, a too long USB lead running adjacent to power cables will pick up transient spikes from the supply and corrupt communications data. Do ensure that you have a good quality transient suppressor in your supply line, common sense in any computing environment. Going for the VM8201 SD-card kit to remove the computer from the equation is another idea when you can afford it. I am looking into battery power backed up by a high quality 5A charger permanently connected; batteries are great as transient suppressors and will keep the print going if there is a mains power failure; fortunately not common in my area.

Do you see “endstop hit” message in the logfile when printer stops printing?

printer is plugged in on its own, and power supply is very far away, but i tried the same print with mac and it finished the whole print so I’m thinking it must be issue with the pc, i have removed repetier and reinstall will try the print again and post it back with results, thanks

Hey, I have made from an inductor a 24 volt supply. I have cased it from an old computer chassi and it’s running on a 12 v relay with diode between the controller board and the relay. So far so good, however sometimes after a couple of layers it just stops. Seems like it still has a connection, bed and extruder temperatures are visible. I have moved both the 24 v supply and the original psu as far away as possible, still just stops after 6-7 layers.

I have noticed that when the fan is switched off and the relay clicks that is sometimes when the print suddenly stops. I have switched to the stock usb cable (short) but it still happens. There are two computers at the printer. Thinking about moving it to my room with a separate laptop to print from. Maybe with a fresh installation of windows 7. It’s an asus x32u.

I use the latest repetier and slicer software and baudrate 250 000. I have two usb cables to choose from:

  1. … -hane-1-5m

First is protected against electromagnetic fields.

  1. … famid97608

This is also protected but has two ferrite cores.

Anybody has a solution and what usb seems the best? 1 or 2, if I buy the 1 I could buy two ferrite cores and put on the usb cable, would it be as good as the 2?

Mostly the USB is distorbed by power spikes in the main line, cause the USB GND is main earth grounded.
Therefore any power spikes going trough main can easily affect the usb and the device coneccted to it. (GND loop)
If the stop is caused by main power interference and the source can’t be found, maybe an USB isolator can help.
But those are quite expensive off the shelf. I already ordered sample chips to build my own.

A Laptop would only help if it’s running on battery without mains connection.
That would cut the GND loop, cause the Laptop isn’t mains earth grounded when no other mains connection is made.
Note that any device plugged to the same machine (though USB/ESATA or anything) that has an own power supply would restore the GND loop!



Hey, my heatbed thermistor cable came off. Resulted in no readings from the bed, and now I think, could this be why the printer stopped before? That the cable was about to come off but didn’t?