Printer stops printing

Ive got a k8400 singel head

When i start printing its go good but about a 1 hour its stops printing it not moving anymore the nozzle stay at temperature i can stop the print and start over but when its nearly at the end of the print it’s stop again
what can there be the problem of this

Did you print with usb connection or from SD card ?

It’s happened also with usb and sd card it’s make no different

It’s happened now with 4 difrents prints i try them severle time
2 prints i make myself and the other 2 i downloaded
I have try now a print two time and the stop ad 1:13 hour twice
i try another print it’s also stop at the same time but then at 43 minuts

Belts are to tight? Or Ur x-y carriage isn’t well aligned and has some resistance at a certain point?
I’m not sure its stops all together but if your stepper drivers get to warm they go in fail-safe mode. And by having just a dash to much friction somewhere it stops at some point maybe?

Also in the FAQ in the manual is some stuff about the steppers stopping and going in fail-safe and how to calibrate the motor drivers.
Might be useful

Otherwise to make sure it isn’t a software issue you could redownload the latests firmware and flash it again to the printer.

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It’s worth reminding that sometimes SD cards are removed from the PC before all the Gcode has been written to them. As for printing directly, maybe the PC has a screensaver or some other inactivity-power-saver feature that might interrupt the print?

The gcode is correct written to the SD card ihave checkt it and when i print with pc i shut down the screensaver

And when there is a problem with a stepper driver its get to hot than you cannot direct print again but thats no problem when it’s stopt i can print straight again

I have checkt the belt the are not to tight and the aligned i have check its good

The software i have not downloaded again I wil try that later

My printer also stops printing but initially, it prints very faint so I try to find out what is the issue, at last, finds out there is a problem with printhead hp Officejet pro 6830 is often show such type of error, my remedies completely stop working it.