Printer stops?

For the second time now, after about 3 a 4hours printing, the printer just stops.
Repetier does not count down anymore, but gives no error messages.
The extruder and heatbed keep warm and the leds on the printer keep flashing.

anyone an idea what is going wrong…?

it’s arrive sometimes….
you must reset you motherboard of K8200
else the error will come again at each time

How do i reset it? It happened again after i unplugged the machine and rebooted the computer.
Do i simply press the button on the printer?

I never had this problem but from reading the manual

Repetier-Host - Manual control tab - OK button
right -bottom corner (Debug Options)

The last button “ok” fakes a receiving ok from the printer. If your printer stalls, it may be simply because the firmware send an ok and only the o or k was received. In that case, hitting ok can restart the printing process.

As said i don’t know if it’s working because i never had the problem
but i remembered this part.

Please try it next time. And if it really works you should try to get bigger distance
between your USB cable and PSU


I resolve the stop problem :

  • I move my computer 1 meter of the printer
  • I replace the usb cable by this one :
    The ferrite bulb on the cable protect the datas.

I use a HF headspeaker, and i can listen the electronic of the printer. The plastic enclosure protect the electronic card, but not for Electromagnetic Field. I mean a electomagnetic shield can helping too.

Hi guys,
I hope this info will help me in the future, my printer froze after 17 hours of a 22 job :frowning:
no errors displayed…

for me, i have a fan on the power and i have no more problem with printer stop

For myself, I have an external power supply for bed heating, and I never had this problem.

I think the overload of original power supply can be the problem ?

Ill throw in one more potential cause which happened to me; the slicer ran out of memory during slicing and produced an incomplete gcode file. There is a warning in the log when this happens (after slicing, not when printing), but its easily overlooked.

I also faced a similar problem with my Hp Designjet T795, after 2 hours of printing, the printer went to sleep mode and I did not get it previews situations. I think it might be a hardware issue but I was wrong. I could not understand how to resolve it.