Printing ABS, problems sticking

Printing ABS on the vertex delta 8800 doenst work as i hoped. The first layer want stick to the bed. Tried 3D lac. Later i tried Pritt. To be sure i printed on the glas and not on the build talk. Any suggestions? Is there a min room tempature? Is it possible to put pritt on the buildtalk? Thanks!

I never printed ABS (styrene is unhealthy) but I think you need a heated bed and a enclosed chamber.
Heated bed solutions are currently discussed here:
Building a Heatbed for K8800 / K8800: My heated bed works! For the enclosing maybe stretch wrap cling film (that foil that protects furniture when moving) can be a cheap option.

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ABS is always more challenging to work with than PLA. I never use it unless the application calls for it, and have clogged many extruders using it. Be particularly vigilant when changing from PLA to ABS or v-v, as bits of material left behind in the print head can burn or fail to melt due to the change in temperature and WILL clog your extruder.

The main difficulties with ABS come from the higher temperatures, but also the greater contraction of the piece while cooling. Large pieces that approach the edge of the bed will always try to curl up, which can lead to more problems with clogged extruders and head crashes into the lifted parts of the print.

You can print ABS onto unheated BuildTak, but you will need to make sure the part doesn’t cool unevenly or too quickly. Enclosing the printer (particularly during cold weather) can help tremendously. You may also need to experiment with rafts to prevent the part from lifting. In extreme cases, you can try disabling the downward-facing cooling fans.

Printing ABS onto unheated glass is nearly impossible, but you can try treating the glass with hairspray, glue stick, or ABS “slurry” (made from ABS dissolved in acetone.) Even so, you will not find it easy to make this work.

I’ve always had the best luck printing ABS onto a heated bed. You want at least 50 degrees C, but I know people who heat their beds to 90 C for ABS. Remember that heating the bed will also heat the electronics.

Some people I know use PETG in place of ABS, as it is a bit easier to work with.

Good luck, and please let us know what works (or doesn’t) for you!


Thanks for the reactions!
Did some test but without succes. Called with a shop nearby. He told me it’s impossible with a roomtemp of 17°. When above 20 he told me to use a build talk, spray 3d lac and let it dry. Spray again and print on the wet lac. Cover the printer with a box or something. Tought i share it with you guys…

I think it might work for you as long as the ambient temp is higher and there are no air drafts but only print low models, anything high will probably delaminate. I personally hate ABS and use PETG instead. Never had much luck with it and it’s unhealthy. I have plenty of rolls of ABS that I bought and I’ll never use but thats just called being a beginner :wink: I use ABS only as a slurry on an aluminum heated bed with painters tape to help PET stick. Never, NEVER use acetone near the buildtak surface because you’ll ruin it.

Good luck with your printer :slight_smile: