Printing like paradise


I threw together a design with incorporated, printable bushings. I have not tried this out yet, nor even printed it, but I’ll share it in case some brave soul wants to try it out.

I think these would need some light lubrication, maybe a bit of mineral oil.

UPDATE: This part is a WIP and has a couple known flaws:
1.) The clearance on the bushings is too small, so they will need to be enlarged with a drill.
2.) The slots for the captive nuts is the wrong internal shape, giving them too much wiggle room.
3.) The front lower corners of the carriage are a bit thin, and so the structure is not as rigid as it could be.


In that thread you (@SusisStrolch) linked they discuss about Repetier firmware vs Marlin. I guess Marlin was the 2nd winner there and showed strange movements with that speed test but the segments_per_second were 200 while in K8800 this is 60.

Is there some one here who wants to test Repetier firmware on K8800? I guess its a lot of work.

Can higher segments_per_second values improve the print quality or just cause more jerky movements?


Just tried to get in my ideas to the VS (carriage) from @Dr_Vegetable.

  • endstop plugged in from top of carriage, so no need to disassemble/assemble the whole printer when trying to play with endstop
  • tried to add “simply plug” feature for LM10UU, RJ4JP and RJUM1 bearings, Simply selectable via “bearing_type=x” in .scad source
  • added top/bottom brim and notches to plug-in the bearing into VS
  • small (trials) to optimize the model
  • three different endstop actuators (5,10,15mm)
  • Proposed resolution: 0.1mm layer height

.stl and .scad available from github

'cause I’m still at customer w/o access to my Vertex I couldn’t check the result.


Not really:


You mean not really a lot of work or not want to test?


I mean not really a lot of work