"Prints" without filament

After mounting the delta printer I printed the test piece. I was not satisfied with the result so I try again.
During the second attempt, he stopped printing after 20 minutes. After repeated attempts, there is still no filament leaving the nozzle.

Can someone help me please?


Can you post a picture of your build?
What do you mean stopped after 20 minutes?

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Printer stopped without any reason. I wanted to restart but no filament is leaving the nozzle.

On the extruder there is one screw that goes through the lever.
You need to leave that one a little loose
This just a guess.
Could you post a picture of the printer?
I have seen where some have mounted the print head wrong and did not put the proper twist on the cable.

I think I found the problem.
The filament feeder doesn’t work like it should. The wheels are slipping on the filament.
I’m using Vertex filament PLA 1.75

I was really interested on how the cable was routed.
Is the set screw for the filament pulley tight?
Can you unload and load the filament?

how did u fix it? i am having the same problem. no filament

Sounds like your guys’ nozzle got jammed.
Try manually heating up your nozzle to 230C and then extruding using the Repetier software.