Problem with audio-analyzer kit K8098


I purchased a year ago from a Conrad store in Vienna you kit K8098, which I assembled and operates correctly. In the summer of 2018 my wife brought me from a Conrad store in Munich a second identical kit, which I assembled a month ago that does not operate, but has only the screen lit. By checking, I suspect that the problem is at the pic micro-controller. Indeed, by inserting the micro-contoller from the first, properly operating kit, to the second, the second operates fully. It is possible that the second micro-contoller is not programmed. I personally do not have the know-how, nor a programming circuit for pic micro-controllers, therefore I am kindly asking you for your support and if possible that you may send me a programmed micro-controller for K8098, or give me any guidance / assistance, as I do not have available the purchase receipt, in order to use the warranty. The number on the blue sticker on the packaging reads Velleman 1035382. I am situated in Thessaloniki, Greece.