Problem with bed adhesion


I have a problem with my initial layer of printing. I know there has been other post about this but I can’t figure it out.
I tried blue painter’s tape, cleaning it properly and heating up my bed but that didn’t work.

I can print a raft no problem but when I want to print with a brim it doesn’t stick to my bed.
I have the feeling the distance while printing the brim is higher than that of the raft so maybe the hight is the problem, but how can I change the printing hight of the brim?
If I set up the hight on my printer myself it doesn’t change a thing and it has damaged my bed. But I’m not sure what to change in cura.

Thanks for your help!!

ps I have a delta

The Delta (K8800) does not have a heated bed unless you added one.
Did you go through the calibration?
Is the Builtak properly mounted and trimmed?

I know it hasn’t a heated bed, I tried heating the bed itself
I did all the automatic calibrations (multiple times)
Bed is mounted the proper way

I have been able to print 2 times without a raft (with a brim) but that is it.


Something you may not have considered.
What is the temperature of your room?
Environment is everything to all 3D printers.
If it’s to cold it will not stick.
Also as the PLA cools it shrinks the faster it cools the more it will pull up on the edges.
I try to make sure the room is at 74 to 76F at least.

I live in Belgium so we use c :wink:
But thats why I’m printing in my living room at the moment in front of a fire, but still no luck.

I really think the problem is my distance from the bed

I understand I’m in the USA.
23C to 25C this is a guess.
Did you try this?

After you will need to go through the calibration again.
Make sure you save the settings?

Jups did everything they said in the manual
And like I said he can print, but just not without a raft, and in my opinion using that for every print is a bit of a waste

Are you cleaning the Buildtak with Alcohol?

Are you printing with PLA or ABS or something else?

Printbed adhesion issues? Try these - one of them may work:

  • clean the BuildTak properly. First mild detergent and water. Then maybe ISOPROPYL.
  • ensure all rods are properly connected and tight (step 5)
  • ensure pulley and belts are TIGHT. This was one of my issues, since the nozzle lifted slightly at some positions - causing bed adhesion to fail of course.
  • oil and PTFE properly
  • coil the printhead connection (step 8)

… and recalibrate height and settings (and save these before print job is started).