Problem with IC, light effect generator K8044

Hello people, I need some help with two questions:
As you can see on the photo the IC and the board have one more
double-position (9) than the notch (8). It is exactly the same in the second package
that I bought. Is that intended? I can’t imagine that this is right. Furthermore the number on the IC is PIC16F627A and not the one written in the manual (PIC16C58B-20). What to do now?

Another question: Are the two push buttons (right side on photo)
identical? One has 2 PRAN and the other 4 PRAN written on it. The
manual contains no information which one will be on position SW1 and SW2.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

Stefan Stengel


The switches are the same.
However you should get a new IC socket.

Thanks Wrong_Way,
You mean the two push buttons (second question) are the same?

But even if I get a new socket: How about the different serial numbers of the IC? Won’t they cause problems?


Yes the 2 buttons are the same NO momentary push buttons.
As far as the part number of the IC I think there may have been a part change.
I think I read about it on this board somewhere You may need to search for it.
You could open a trouble ticket in this link and request a new IC socket and ask about the part number of the IC.

Thanks Wrong_Way.

No problem
I hope you get it all sorted out.