Problem with printer

Monday I have a printer to a friend.

It worked perfectly !

Yesterday i have printed 3 small parts and every thing is ok

For the 4, i had a problem with ABS filament, so i had to stop the machine for cleaning nozzle.

When i tried to reboot the machine, nothing on the screen !!! I plug the printer on the pc, it is detect but i can’t control it

I try to update firmware but it not possible arduinon 1.0.6 is not communicating with printer

I think Motherboard is out but i did not touch it !!!

I have no cash receipt

Can you help me ?

I wonder how a motherboard can dy like this !!!

I am a french teacher. I teach technology and science and i had to print part for my students !

Thanks for yours responses


Can you check if both of the reset buttons (the one on the screen PCB and the one close to the USB connector) are not engaged.

If this does not solve your problem please open a ticket here:


You should also check the output of the power supply.
Should be 15VDC

Teachers using that many " !!!" makes my eyes roll…
Besides, your making conclusions before you even know for sure (First you think the Mobo is dead, then you wonder how it could [color=#FF0000]dy[/color]/[color=#00FF00]die[/color] like this)
Plus your a teacher, you should be totally zen and shit at all times… No need for them extra exclamation signs imho.
Also making people feel guilty by telling you “had” to print stuff for your students and couldn’t ain’t really constructive for the problem your having. And thats propably why everyone pretty much ignored this post you made at first.

As Wrong Way mentioned did you start to troubleshoot yourself? It’s still a DIY printer so give some more details people can work with here.
Check all the cables first, measure the voltage your having on the mobo pins, these screws could be gotten loose and have a bad contact or something like that…
I assume a “technology and science teacher” has a multi-meter lying around somewhere…
And where the hell is that friend you got that printer from? He putted it together so let him have a look he knows best how everything is hooked up.
And I’m pretty sure he’s got a receipt?

Kind Regards!